Simple Techniques To Build An Effective Workspace


Until now, most offices still look the way they did a couple of decades ago: white walls, fluorescents, and cubicles. Unfortunately, this setup doesn’t really help boost employee morale, and boosting employee morale is important if you want to keep everyone happy and motivated. Creating an effective office space can break the bank, but, fortunately, there are ways you can do that without going broke.

Utilize Wall Space

Instead of sending out weekly reminders for your employees, why not use wall space to post these reminders instead? Use a part of the wall where you can post reminders, project updates, and other types of information relevant to the job. Avoid posting other content that are not directly related to job information as they might end up being a distraction.

Consider Your Furniture

One way to boost employee morale is to help them feel relaxed. You don’t always have to go for monochrome choices. Try adding furniture pieces with an earthy tone to give a bit of color without overdoing it. Consider replacing older chairs, too. Chairs get worn out and will become uncomfortable for your employees over time. If your company doesn’t really have the budget to do a complete revamp, focus on the most-used chairs first.

Reduce Distractions

It’s impossible to completely get rid of all distractions, but you can try and reduce them greatly with just simple changes. For example, install curtains or blinds out of consideration for employees seated near the window who have trouble concentrating because of the glare. Next, implement company rules about phone calls, music, or videos. This means encouraging employees to answer personal calls outside or wearing headphones when watching a video. It doesn’t seem like much but reducing distractions can greatly affect employees’ productivity.

Declutter Twice A Year

General cleaning may seem like a big headache waiting to happen but believe me when I say it’s worth it. Decluttering means freeing up more space for your employees to move around. This also means having a more accurate inventory on office supplies that will ultimately prevent you from wasting money on office supplies that were there all along. You can organize a big decluttering event right before the holidays or assign decluttering schedules per department. There should be a bit of supervision to avoid throwing out valuable things, but departments can be allowed to be pretty independent.