Business 101: Social Media Marketing in COVID Times


The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has forced a lot of people to be stuck at home. For local business around the world, the future of the company is a big question no one has the answer to. Fortunately, there’s one way to keep the business afloat, and that is social media marketing. If you’re not quite sure how to do it, don’t worry. I have got you covered.

Let me start off by telling you why you should be willing to market yourself online. Because everyone is at home, there’s not really much to do to kill time except go browse the web. Which means, people want content now more than ever! This is a great opportunity for you to market yourself in a positive way, like raising awareness, to increase brand loyalty and purchase consideration among your audience. Making users feel your online presence is a good way to generate web traffic. Now that you’ve got your why, let’s not look at your hows.


Partner with Influencers

You could choose to invest on an influencer and negotiate on a deal with them. What that deal is would be up to you. Just make sure neither of you are on the losing end of the bargain. Influencers are great at what they do, which is probably why they’re famous and why you should work with them. They know what the public wants, and they also know when the public wants it. Additionally, they are good at creating content even from the content of their own homes. Brainstorm ways that you can attract the audience. Do you do it through donation drives? Infographics? That’s up to you to make it as unique as possible.


Build Your Following

Second, create content that seems ‘relatable’ to the public. Understand what your audience wants and make content that appeals to them. At the moment, most of your audience will not have dispensable resources to spend on your business, so do not expect your sales to increase because of your marketing. However, appealing to the market is a great way for you to build your following, so long you keep releasing content that keeps their interest, such as fitness tips while stuck at home, recipes to try, lighthearted videos, and memes. When this whole thing blows over, there may be a bright future ahead of your business.