Windows are an essential part of any house. They help to pass air and enlighten the room. But some windows are not preferred by the homeowner due to various reasons.

Credit: nextdoorandwindow

Awning windows

The name comes from the awning shades. They are types of windows that can be opened from inside and the window part can be set inwards or outwards. Although they are stylish, there are some issues. They cannot scoop fresh air from the outside, due to their window flap being in the middle of the opening. Also, as they are heavily dependent on the mechanical aspect to run, there is a big chance of failure to operate. This is the reason why people don’t prefer it anymore.

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Slider window

They were one of the common window settings in every household. As they were most efficient for air circulation and opening, most houses used to incorporate these types of windows. But they have an issue with their tracks. They are prone to collect dust and things getting stuck in them. Moreover, they are not versatile in their design. So, it’s not popular anymore among people.

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Fixed window

The name says it all. They are mainly used in offices or corporate buildings where you just can look outside the glass and cannot open the window. Although it looks aesthetic and beautiful, they are not realistic. As it is not possible to open, no air circulation is feasible with this type of window.