As Airbnb insurance doesn’t cover all the personal liability claims, the Airbnb host requires additional rental property insurance. Airbnb insurance only provides financial protection related to the home-sharing service. Airbnb is becoming popular to generate extra income.

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But before jumping to the home-sharing business you should know all the details of the insurance coverage to prevent any financial loss in the long run. To ensure extra financial security as a homeowner, it is better to maintain extra rental property insurance. Because any damage or injury which is performed intentionally will not be covered by Airbnb host insurance.

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Airbnb host only covers those damage to or theft of property belonging to a guest. If they found that the damages or injuries are conducted intentionally, it will not be under the coverage of the insurance. Damage caused by a guest to common areas will be covered by the insurance.

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However, damages caused by the guests in the house or belongings will not be under coverage. So, the Airbnb host needs to maintain additional rental property insurance to get financial support.