We live in an age where men and women are working in the fields. The goal is to achieve an even playing field. Oftentimes we don’t have the proper answer about why women should go for a career. This is an important topic that needs to be more enlightened. Here are some of the major reasons why,

A big sense of purpose

Human beings are intellectual animals. They can think and process their life. Oftentimes women don’t find a purpose in life. Having a career can give them the purpose of having a human life.

Self-sufficient children

Children who observe their mother working, tend to be more self-sufficient and efficient in their life. Mother plays an important role in every child’s life. When they see that their mother is contributing to life, they get inspired.

It’s their right

Whatever gender you belong to, you have a right to work. Even if you don’t identify as any gender that society has shaped, you are very much able to have a career and a life. From this right, women can and should seek the career they want.

A change in the norm

Looking at women’s history throughout the world, all ages; they have been repressed and cornered. To change this norm and make a better world for women, they should look out for a career.