Some giant tech companies have more power than some parts of the government. Recently Germany has appointed an ambassador just for dealing with tech issues in their country. Many Economically challenged countries are now trying to be in the tech game by improving tech diplomacy.


Credit: techmahindra

Examples of countries

A career diplomat had represented his country’s interest in Silicon Valley, where giant companies like Meta had the biggest force. After that, a large number of countries followed the suit. They either have appointed a tech diplomat to the company or created foreign policy to improve geopolitics.


Credit: techrepublic

What are other countries taking on it?

Still today the diplomatic floor is controlled by the European Union. They recently opened up an embassy in San Francisco. But low-middle income countries have been underrepresented in this sort of issue.


What is the end goal of it?

This is done so the privacy matter is stronger than ever, which will be better for any country. As lower middle incomes countries are trying to be in the place, it will flourish the opportunity to have a better tech connection between them and the rest of the world.