Tesla is leading the electric car industry for years. The CEO of this company Elon Musk has a strong opinion about hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells. Because previously he described hydrogen fuel-cells as “extremely silly,” But his views and opinions aren’t shared or agreed by everyone in the autos sector.

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Users need to plug the vehicle into a charging point while charging the batteries of an electric car. A few years ago, the billionaire and electric vehicle magnate said at the Automotive News World Congress, “It’s just very difficult … to make hydrogen and store it and use it in a car,” Musk said. “The best-case hydrogen fuel cell doesn’t win against the current case batteries, so then, obviously … it doesn’t make sense.”

He added later, “That will become apparent in the next few years. There’s … no reason for us to have this debate, I’ve said … my piece on this, it will be super obvious as time goes by, I don’t know what more to say.”

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency explained hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in this way, “similar to electric vehicles … in that they use an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine to power the wheels.”

Furthermore, Fuel cell electric vehicles and hydrogen energy (FCHEA) said, “a zero-emission option with a performance they expect and no change to daily routines — long-range, quick refueling, and the ability to scale to larger platforms without adding restrictive weight and size.”

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It also added, “Also, given the limitations of battery weight and recharging for long haul trucking, a significant opportunity also exists for medium- and heavy-duty delivery vans, trucks, buses, trains, and planes.

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Electric vehicles have batteries that need to be charged by plugging the vehicle into a charging point, whereas fuel cell vehicles are utilizing hydrogen gas to generate their electricity onboard. Major auto-making firms including Toyota and Hyundai have produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Some smaller manufacturers like Riversimple are also manufacturing hydrogen-powered cars.