Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions of our lives. So, it is very important to take every step carefully. Selecting a proactive and responsive real estate agent is one of those crucial steps. Poor communication ability and abundance of attitude are some common signs of an unreliable agent. The unresponsive agent is unable to set priorities and you will not get any result from this agent.

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Down payment is not enough to purchase a home. You also need cash reserve. That’s why it is important to keep a balance between a big down payment and sufficient cash reserve.

Because many mortgage lenders require reserves to buy a home. They like to see emergency funds to pay your housing expenses. That’s why buyers should consider keeping enough cash reserves while purchasing a home.

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Homeowners in a community have to pay HOA fees for repairing and improvement purposes. It is usually used to maintain common areas like lobbies and community courtyards. HOA fees can rise due to many reasons like inflation adjustments or emergency funding.

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While buying a larger house, you need to bear a big amount monthly mortgage payment. But don’t overlook the other expenses like utility bills. To estimate energy costs for a home you can ask for copies of utility bills. You can also request a home energy audit.