As many people are now unwilling to take the extra financial burden of a mortgage, they prefer to rent a home instead of purchasing it. The current higher price of homes accelerates this tendency nowadays. The pandemic migration promotes the people including the students to move to the suburban areas. In the post-pandemic world, many companies are considering a hybrid working environment. So, the busy cities are experiencing increasing pressure on the rental market. 

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For individual buyers, it becomes marginally more expensive to purchase a home. Because to control the booming inflation rate, the Federal Reserve has started raising interest rates. As a result, acquiring a house becomes harder than renting a home. Currently, the rental market is experiencing an excessive shift in the desirability of renting. 

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The overall shift of the desirability in the house rental market is influencing the low-income people. Especially it becomes a financial burden for those who are on a tight budget like college students. Due to overwhelming demand rental market is charging over price. Limited income people including college students are facing trouble finding their desired rental home.  

As renting a home becomes even harder than purchasing students have to find a place that offers a relatively lower rental rate. For this reason, students have to check out all the apartment buildings, basement rentals, townhouses, and row houses so that they can get the desired home in their preferred area. They can leverage family, friends, and social media for this purpose.

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For students, it is very important to get a home close to their college. But in this current situation, getting a suitable rental becomes harder. So, they should consider those areas where they get an available mode of communication to reach their educational institutions relatively easily. It is also important to review the lease before paying any upfront or signing the papers. Before making any final decision take a walk in the neighborhood to determine how long it takes to get into the college campus.