If you think about complete relaxation and spending some quality time by yourself, the spa is the best place for that. So, if you turn your bathroom into one mini spa, you can enjoy its benefits of it from home.

Credit: axor-design

Use fragrance

Fragrance plays a crucial role to mimic a place. The smell that comes to your mind first after you think about the spa is the smell of the lavender flower. The bluish-purple flower that you see laying around the bed for aesthetic purposes spreads the smell. Try to incorporate the smell of lavender in your bathroom for the spa effect. Also, set some lavender flowers beside the mirror, so you can see them and enjoy the smell.

Credit: thespruce

Match the color scheme

If you can color match the whole bathroom, it will give a spa vibe. Usually, spas are based on matte and pastel colors. Try to go for the white towel with blue or purple sheets, bathmats, and other necessary things. This will complement each other and give a nice touch of calmness. Other aspects of a washroom, like small decorations, mirrors, and soaps should mimic the aesthetic of a spa to make it feel like that space.

Credit: thespruce

Light some candles and use bath balls

Nothing says the environment of a spa than the peaceful and calm sight of candles being lit. A candle flame can calm your mind just by looking at it. Slightly dim the light of the bathroom, light a candle and prepare the bath.