Public speaking is a tough thing to do. Some people are naturally born with the gift of speaking in front of a crowd with no issues, and for some people, it’s one of the worst things they have to do. But just because you’re not a natural public speaker, doesn’t mean you can’t train yourself to be. There are several ways you can do before your work presentation to help calm the jitters.


We have all heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” The reason why it’s so common is that it’s true. If you have an important work presentation, then it’s best you practice your speech. Practicing will help you figure out where you pause, how you stand, what your hand gestures are, and your eye contact. One thing you could do is also record yourself while you do your presentation. Doing this will help you hear yourself so you can figure out what seems off, what things you should change, and how you should deliver it. I recommend you write down your speech instead of winging it because then, you already know what you’re going to say while also maintaining coherence.

Transform Your Energy

Studies show that an enthusiastic speech trumps a well-worded speech, which I totally get. If you could choose between a speaker that’s got amazing content but sounds like a zombie from Walking Dead or one that’s not as great as the first one but is engaging and captivating, which one would you choose? Exactly my point. If you’re not too confident about your speech, try to change up your tone to make it as enthusiastic and energetic as possible. Doing this will probably make you a memorable speaker, too.

Go with the Flow

Accept your anxiety and work around it. Being more self-conscious about your anxiety will only make it worse and will most likely be more obvious. Accept your anxiety and use it to your advantage. Turn that nervous energy into positive energy and you’ll do wonders.

Work on Your Stance and Smile

There’s nothing more captivating than a speaker who’s confident and looks like they know what they’re talking about. Before you start your presentation, practice your stance already. As much as possible, don’t sit. Sitting limits you and makes you seem like a passive speaker. Standing will give you the freedom to walk and use your hands. Another way to exude confidence and positive energy is to smile. However, try to figure out the timing. Nobody wants to see someone having a huge grin even when delivering bad news—that just makes you look creepy and crazy.

Do Breathing Exercises and Visualize

Imagine yourself to be whoever you aspire to be. Do you want to have the poise of Audrey Hepburn with the charm of Dakota Johnson? Please, go ahead. Positive visualization will help you gain positive thoughts that are proven to be effective. While you’re at it, take deep breaths. Doing so will deliver oxygen to your brain and help relax your body.