Every household now has one or two personal computers. Due to the change in the workforce, people are required to have their computers at home or work. But the security of PCs is one of the most important things, as people keep important data in them. Here are some ways to keep your personal computer safe and secure.


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Use strong password

Having a strong password in every aspect of your computer function is mandatory. Every tech-conscious person knows the importance of a strong password. Try to use different passwords in different settings. Don’t go for a too-easy password.


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Keep software updated

If you want to use the software and don’t want to face problems, you need to update the software on your PC. Usually, the PC has an application where it keeps you notified if you need to update any software. Also, don’t use 3rd party software, as they contain issues.


Avoid suspicious links

Oftentimes people click on the links that pop up in front of them. These are not good practices, as those ads can have malware functions. It can corrupt your computer and make them slow.


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Browses safely

There is no alternative to staying conscious on the internet. There can be many things that are not safe for you. Stay safe and make wise decisions.