Virtual property tours were not a very common thing in real estate. Due to the pandemic, this has become a trend. Even many potential home buyers prefer their first house tour to be a virtual one, so they can have some idea about the house before going there in person.


Credit: medium


Have better lighting

Lighting is the key to making a great virtual tour. Depending on the camera, the light requirement would be different. Also, if you are touring at nighttime, an illuminated house is a must to have a quality house tour online. Also, observing a house with bare eyes doesn’t require so much light, but the camera requires it.


Credit: photoplan360


Have a tidy-up house

If the tour is online, don’t let things unorganized in the house. The camera checks everything that is there. So, before having a tour, make sure the house is well decorated and clean. Also, before starting the tour, open the curtains and the doors inside the house. So, the buyer can see the vacant space.


Credit: invisionstudio


Having the right shutter speed

Shutter speed on a camera is a huge issue. You will require a different shutter speed if you click photos. But, during a video call or a video, the shutter speed needs to be fixed according to the project. Wring shutter speed can decrease the video quality and the house might not seem that great. In high light, lower the shutter speed and vice-versa.