It’s a bitter-sweet moment when your child grows up and leaves your house to be independent. It leaves you with a lifetime of memory and space. Often people get confused about what to do with the space. There are some ways to make it work.


Credit: thearchitecturedesigns

Turn it into a craft/hobby room

This is a great opportunity for people who have faced retirement and their kids shifting into a new place. They can utilize their free time and free space at the same time. If free nesters have some sort of hobby, they can practice it in the room as much as they want. Moreover, they can turn into a business in a long time.


Credit: onekindesign

Turn it into a Yoga/Gym room

Health is one of the main concerns for aging people. Exercising is good for people of every age, but they need it more to be fit for life. The space can be used for keeping gym equipment. Starting with a treadmill can be a food option. After you become used to it, then having more necessary items is a good idea.


Credit: idealhome

Turn it into a bedroom/guestroom

This is the most relevant idea for a family home. Guests’ rooms are not something that you will need year-long. But you will need it suddenly. To prepare for the moment, having more than one guest room is very convenient. This way you don’t have to worry about late-night parties, because they can stay in the extra room and leave the next day.