Vodafone has signed new deals with CityFibre and BT Openreach. So, it is assumed that the telecoms giant will soon be the largest provider of ultra-fast broadband in the UK.

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Vodafone does not own its own fixed-line network. Rather it leases from other companies. Vodafone claims that millions of UK residents will have access to its service by next year. As other providers will also try to push to have a similar reach, it will be beneficial to the customers. 

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Previously Vodafone partnered with CityFibre in 2017. At that time, the deal was thought to be worth around £500 million. The recent agreement between Vodaphone and CityFibre’s may bring a positive impact on customers. Because in the UK, it will pledge to reach 285 cities, towns, and villages by 2025.

The chief executive of Vodafone UK, Ahmed Essam said, “A couple of years back we were new to broadband but by spring we will have the widest fiber-to-the-premises footprint in the UK.” He also said about his main rivals, “BT will always sell on BT. Virgin Media will always sell on Virgin Media.”

The editor at ISPreview, Mark Jackson, said, “Crucially, this change isn’t unique to Vodafone, with CityFibre looking to provide a similar level of nationwide coverage to other ISPs.

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Then Mr. Jackson added, “We fully expect the likes of TalkTalk, for example, to follow suit in the near future. For consumers, this simply means a greater degree of choice, which is often faster and more affordable than what they had access to before. That’s a good thing.”