After a year of heavy losses due to the coronavirus pandemic, the travel industry looks like to coming back to its decent form. As the vaccination rate is increasing global tourism is facing some sort of revival. Though travel recovery has remained uneven across regions, some major countries are improving faster.

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According to an analysis by travel news and research firm Skift, hotel bookings have been slow to recover the losses in 2021. It also showed that airlines are expected to extend losses coming year. So, we can say that the travel industry is showing signs of recovery.

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Senior research analyst at Skift, Wouter Geerts said, “What we have found is that there is a very strong correlation between the number of new Covid cases and travel’s recovery.” He also said, “When cases increase, borders tend to close, local lockdowns go into effect, and travel sees a significant and almost immediate drop.”

Hotel bookings vary vastly across regions. The United Nations World Tourism Organization explored the data that Europe has been the slowest to recover in the tourism sector while the Middle East recovered most significantly.

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However, the World Health Organization labeled omicron as a variant of concern. So, multiple countries including the USA, Canada, the U.K., and Singapore have decided to restrict travel from southern Africa.