If you are a job candidate, you may want to know how do recruiters find candidates? Professional recruiters usually follow some rules and maintain certain ways to find the perfect candidates for a particular position. Every candidate should aware of these sources so that it becomes to get notice. It will also help the candidates to get more job opportunities. There are only a few areas you need to focus on while searching for jobs. If you can place the right profile on the right platform, the recruiter can find you easily.


It is the most popular professional networking platform where a majority of recruiters are looking for job candidates. Most of the recruiters use keywords and filters to perform targeted searches. LinkedIn allows the recruiters to filter the searches in many ways like location, job title. Thus, they can find the desired candidate for a particular position.

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Requesting for referrals

Sometimes recruiters may ask for a referral to a candidate. It is an effective way to get the right candidate for a job. Some recruiters use reference checks to find new candidates to work with. It is also a good way to build a strong network with the same professionals in a particular industry.

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Using professional network

Recruiters often talk to an existing professional network to find a good job candidate. They always try to build a relationship with high professionals. So, it is wise to stay in touch with a recruiter who specializes in your industry. As a job candidate, you need to build a strong relationship with a few goods, knowledgeable recruiters. They can refer you for a job in the future.

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Job boards

Recruiters often use online job boards to find qualified candidates. They check the job boards frequently to find job seekers. Sometimes they apply keywords and other filters to search for the right candidate. This is an effective way to fill job openings.