If you are looking for high pay blue color jobs, you need to target the best areas in your blue-collar job search.

There are different types of blue-collar job categories including operators, technicians, and public service workers. Some entry-level positions don’t require much educational qualification. But the majority of blue-collar jobs require a good amount of training. Good training can make the earning potential a lot higher.

Here we are trying to present the best-paying blue-collar jobs that have high demand.

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Electrical power-line installer

Those who have no problem with heights and like to work outside can consider electrical installers and repairing jobs. While performing this job. You need to repair and install telecommunications cables in your local area. It is a job that demands on-call service. Sometimes you may have to fix problems in cables at night due to any emergency.

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Aircraft mechanics

This is another high-demand blue-collar job that requires aircraft mechanics and service techs knowledge. If you want to perform this job, you have to complete technical school to become qualified. You have to perform scheduled maintenance and repairs on airplanes and helicopters.

Elevator installer

Nowadays most high-rise buildings have an elevator. That’s why the demand for elevator installers and repairs is also increasing.  A four-year apprenticeship program may require to perform this job. Once you get the particular certificate, you can work as a fixed employee in any servicing company or may like to work independently.

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Pile driver operators

With this job, you have to drive piles into the ground. This job is for providing support for buildings, bridges, and other structures. Though formal education isn’t required in this job sector, you may need some sort of training to perform this job.