In this current booming rental market getting a suitable house for rent is challenging. Even having a perfect reference, handsome cash, and a list of bonds cannot ensure you get approval for the application in this competitive rental market.

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Arrange documents

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to arrange all the correct documentation. Make sure that you have the list of references and the completed application form ready while applying. It is wise to keep some extra photocopies of all photo identity documents like passport, birth certificate, student ID card, and employment letter.

Proof of reliable income

Landlords always prefer to choose those tenants that have a reliable income source. So, it is always wise to submit papers related to your income to impress your prospective landlord. It is the first thing every landlord or property manager checks in a rental application. So, write the details about it at the very first of your application. 

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Reference letter

A reliable reference letter can help you to stand out from the crowd. Try to collect a reference letter from the previous landlord. It is a good approach and the landlord like to check your previous history as a tenant.

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Be presentable

You don’t need to have to wear a suit while inspection. But make sure that the attire you are wearing should be decent and welcoming. So, that landlord believes that you are taking the application process seriously.