Dangerous online challenges and hoaxes becomes a widespread concern. Experts are trying to protect teenagers from the potentially harmful online challenges. Now different online platforms including TikTok have decided to strengthen the detection and enforcement of rules.

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A recent survey revealed that one in five teenagers has participated in an online challenge. However, one in 50 has taken part in a “risky and dangerous” activity. They also stated that fewer than one in 300 a “really dangerous” act. TikTok said, “alerts our safety teams to sudden increases in violating content linked to hashtags” would be expanded “to also capture potentially dangerous behavior”.

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TikTok also said, “Hoaxes like these often have similar characteristics – and in previous cases, false warnings have circulated suggesting that children were being encouraged to take part in ‘games’ which resulted in self-harm.”

TikTok stated about removing the hoaxes and said, “start to remove alarmist warnings about them, as they could cause harm by treating the self-harm hoax as real. These hoaxes largely spread through warning messages encouraging others to alert as many people as possible to avoid perceived negative consequences.”

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TikTok is working to develop a new resource for our Safety Centre. To learn more community members can visit the center.