The social media platform TikTok is spreading its interest in the online shopping world. Recently the video-sharing app is arranging its first live shopping and entertainment event.

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TikTok is getting more popular worldwide during this coronavirus pandemic. It is particularly famous for its short lip sync videos. Many users are using this app for sharing dance routines and humor. However, now the app company is entering into the online shopping business. It is heard that now the users can buy products directly on the platform. They named this feature “social shopping”.

TikTok General Manager of UK and EU region Rich Waterworth said, “We think it’s a really significant moment. E-commerce is a big opportunity for TikTok and it’s something we’re investing in significantly.”

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Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are also allowing users to browse, discover and buy a wide range of products. TikTok launched in the UK in 2018 and now they are aiming to catch up with this trend. During this pandemic, most of the stores were closed and sellers are targeting their potential customers online. All the major social media platforms are supporting local businesses and popular brands to sell directly to the customers.

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Mr. Waterworth also said, “People who have a shared interest or a shared love for a creator or a product area, these communities come together and make the experience of finding and enjoying those products more interesting.” Then he explained, “So when you bring these two things together, the power of the TikTok community and the brands … it’s really exciting.”