There is no denying that the era of technological advancement is upon us. Scientists and engineers have now slowly incorporated AI and technology to handle the mundane tasks. However, with the rapid change in the landscape of the corporate world, it’s difficult to choose a career that would fit. In a decade or two, many of the high paid jobs today would no longer be needed as system automations would likely take over businesses. But at the same time, new jobs will also be created. So here are three skills you must master in order to evolve.

Emotional Intelligence

Let’s face it. Machines will never be able to understand human emotions like we do. So, no matter how much of a certain business has automated its systems, it will always need people with a high degree of emotional intelligence. There will still be a lot of customer-facing jobs available and salaries for these types of jobs will undoubtedly be generous enough.


Technology is such a complex matter but it is also a kind of art that many marvel on. It can recreate a lot of things but the one thing that it lacks is creativity. Creativity is only unique to humans. Therefore, the human output of creativity will always outweigh that of technology.


Like most aspects of life, you always have to learn how to be flexible and versatile. With technology taking over almost everything, your workplace will also demand some changes to be made to the workforce. So if you keep mastering the art of adaptability, you will become an asset to the company. In turn, they will want to keep you on their side for as long as it takes.