Crafting a good home office is always challenging. As most of us are not professional designers, we often get mistakes while organizing a working environment at home.

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The most common mistake we do is not arranging enough light at the place we work. But this is the place where you have to spend a big portion of your day. You need to need and write a lot while sitting at the desk. So, it is very important to make sure that your home office space is well-lit.

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Using an uncomfortable chair is another major mistake we usually do while formulating our home office. Try to select a chair which is comfortable enough to spend all day. Everyone has specific preferences. So, it’s better to experiment and figure out what you want.

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Your desk should be clutter-free and allocate enough space. If you use a desk that is not big enough, you will not be able to keep all your essential objects like files, notebooks, or electronic devices at your place. It will be irritating to move to another place repeatedly to collect your essentials. So, try to use a desk with enough space to write and keep documents near your hands.