Sometimes, it can feel a bit frustrating and demotivating when you apply to a ton of jobs and don’t hear back from job recruiters. However, it could be because your resume contains things that turn your job recruiter off. Don’t worry, I’m here to tell you what those things are and how you can fix them before you send out your CV.

Employment Gaps

Whether a gap in your employment can be due to situations out of your control or for personal reasons, it could serve as a red flag to potential employers. Of course, this doesn’t mean the end of a career for you, but without any explanation, this leaves room for speculation. Instead of pretending there are no employment gaps, using a paragraph, briefly explain this on your CV. Assure whoever is meant to read it that it was a one-time situation and is not a recurring thing.

A Stagnant or Declining Career

A progressing career is evident in job descriptions and job titles. If your resume details the opposite, prospective employers will wonder why. The same goes for careers that remain stagnant. To avoid situations like these, you could choose to enroll in courses that will help improve your skills or even help you develop new skills. You could also give it all you got at work and ask for more responsibilities. Doing things like these can lead to a promotion and promotions are proof of career growth.

Not Following Instructions

When applying for a job, read and follow instructions. If an employer says to send in certain required documents and references in a specified format, send in those. If they require your CV to be of a certain number of pages, edit your resume so it fits the required length. Even at an early stage, you should already be ready to prove you are good at following directions.

Syntax Errors

Because your employers will be sifting through dozens of CVs, you have to make sure yours is excellent. This means making sure your CV is free from any grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. Syntax errors may indicate being sloppy, and an employer surely does not want a person like that on their team.

Immeasurable Results

Your resume should indicate accomplishments you had while you were working on your job. Failing to present measurable results may not look good to your employers because they all want someone who can provide outstanding results while in the company. You can fix this issue by thinking about progress in the job and coming up with accomplishments your team was able to have during your time there.