A British Chambers of Commerce survey revealed recent findings of the impact of Brexit. A panel shared their opinions on Brexit as mentioned the first year of Brexit as frustrating, scary, and a huge drop in sales. Because after the Brexit, the UK economy becomes less open than it was before.

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Charlie Samway, a fish merchant in Bridport, shared his experience, “Things have massively improved, from where we were there at the start of the year. So on the whole, we’re much happier than where we were, but I don’t think to say that things are perfect, I don’t think they’ll ever be, it is potentially something we’ve got to live with.”

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A gift box distributor, Karen Lowen said, “it’s cheaper for her to supply the US and Australia than Europe.” Adrian Hanrahan, of Robinson’s chemicals, expressed his opinions, “I found it astounding that they are telling us to get used to it.”

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According to the government’s official forecasters, the UK economy could fall by 15% over a decade. It is happening at a time when trade elsewhere in the world boomed. Experts assumed that the main reason for this fall of business is the economic nature of the UK export market. As the UK’s key export markets are less reliant on UK goods, it could not be able to keep the same pace with world production.