COVID has changed our home design preferences drastically. People are now demanding more ventilation in their homes. Because coronavirus spreads much more indoors than outdoors. To make the quality of indoor air better, people are using humidity meters and carbon dioxide monitors. Thus, this pandemic is changing people’s priorities while designing their homes.

Home garden

Now privacy to the retreat of places becomes one of the most in-demand home design options. These open-space places allow the people to be aware of each other without crossing each other way. The home garden becomes one of these open spaces where family members can relax and recharge themselves. Now home builders are considering the home garden as a vital part while designing a home.

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Healthy home

Healthy home becomes one of the in-demand trends while building homes. The feature of the whole home air purifier is getting popular to keep the indoor air fresh and germ-free. Because air quality is a very important factor that can influence our respiratory health. So, while designing the home architectures are taking care of this issue.

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Workstation at home

Due to the pandemic, work from home becomes the normal scenario of every house. Many employees are performing a remote jobs to maintain social distance. As a result, people are interested to design a cozy workstation at the corner of their homes. The demand for flexible workspaces is rising since the last year. It is expected that the demand for stylish home offices will continue this year too.

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