Buying a home is an expensive investment indeed. Because it involves a lot of expenses like paying the down payment and managing the monthly mortgage. With pride in ownership of your home, you may have to bear some expenses to maintain it. Either exterior or interior you have to fix all the issues after purchasing the house. The curb appeal will look amazing for the time being. But over time these will go awry and need repair. You also have to spend a lot for decorating, remodeling, or repairing purposes.

One of the most important and expensive costs after buying a home is the roof repair cost. As it is the part that protects your house from external elements, you have to repair it fast. The average cost of partial repair will be near about $650. A roof replacement will cost you approximately $6,000. To avoid this expense, you need to hire a professional who can inspect the roof before purchasing.

A problematic septic system can create a big, messy problem. It requires an expensive repair. The average cost of repairing a septic tank would be more than a thousand dollars. Septic tank issues can be a cause of standing and smelly water in your yard.

The water heater is not only an important element of your house but also an expensive home appliance that you have to take care of. If the water heater fails, you’ll likely need to pay high for clearing up water damage. A new water heater will cost between $1,000 and $1,500.

If your house has poor or disgusting paint quality, you have to re-paint it. Paint is not only important for beautification but also essential to protect your house from external factors rain, snow, or dust. Exterior home paint is one of the major expenses, you have to consider. The average cost of painting a home is about $3,000. However, an extra-larger home will cost you more than $10,000 to paint.