Time management is a skill that you need to develop through practice. It is true when you have less time to complete a task you may feel stressed. On the contrary, when you have more time than required you may sit idle which is unproductive. So, it is very important to distribute your available time properly so that you can utilize it appropriately. You need to plan and control the total available time for accomplishing certain activities. Thus, you can complete more tasks in a shorter period without any stress.

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At first, you need to prioritize your tasks wisely. It is very important to understand the urgency of every task. Then you need to delegate the tasks accordingly so that you can design a plan to complete those in time. Try to plan so that your responsibilities might not be the cause of your stress.

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While planning your activities, try to set a time limit to complete the tasks. This practice will help you be more focused and efficient. You may also need some time for a break. It can help you to organize yourself. Always write down the deadlines as well as the list of plans. Review the plans will help you to remove any non-essential tasks or activities.

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If you can’t manage your time properly it will yield poor workflow. It will also waste your valuable time. You will suffer from a loss of control of your life.