One of the first foreign hotel brands to establish a presence in China was the Holiday Inn brand. Recently the owner of Holiday Inn, announced that “unauthorized activity” had affected its technology systems, causing disruptions for reservations made through its websites and mobile apps. Every Holiday Inn Resort hotel has a relaxed atmosphere and perks like meeting rooms and on-site workspaces show the company’s dedication to helping travelers. Amenities include dining establishments and room service, swimming pools, fitness centers, and plush lounges.


Credit: tripadvisor


The hotel authority stated that it had put its response plans into place and was evaluating the incident’s nature, scope, and effects. They also mentioned that the hotel was still able to run despite the disruption, and it has hired outside experts to look into the incident. It is also in the process of notifying regulatory authorities.


Credit: tripadvisor


Hackers accessed the company’s databases by using the simple and insecure password Qwerty1234. They claim that after trying a ransomware attack, which was unsuccessful, they deleted a significant amount of data.




According to a succinct statement, “IHG is working to fully restore all systems as quickly as possible and to assess the nature, extent, and impact of the incident. “As part of our response to the ongoing service disruption, we will provide assistance to hotel owners and operators. The hotels owned by IHG are still open and accepting direct bookings. IHG did not mention whether customer data was impacted in its statement.