Aldi has opened its first till-free supermarket. In this store, customers can shop without having to scan a product.

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Aldi opened the grocer in Greenwich, London. This is a “trial” store that allows people to complete their shopping without going to a till. Customers can pay the bill through the Aldi Shop&Go app. This app will automatically charge all the purchases when the customers leave the store. The hi-tech cameras will track customers’ movement while they continue their shopping. The advanced technology of those cameras will calculate the bill and charge accordingly.

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Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Amazon are also maintaining the same process. Now Aldi is following a similar move. The new site of the supermarket will also allow customers to buy alcohol. By using facial-age estimation technology the store will determine whether the person is over the age of 25 or not. There is an alternative option to verify age by a member of staff. Those who want to choose that option can go for it.

The chief executive of Aldi UK and Ireland Giles Hurley said “We are looking forward to seeing how customers react” He also said, “For us, steps like this are always about improving the customer experience and the whole team is looking forward to being on-hand and ready to help to ensure that experience is as smooth as ever.”

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Retail expert Natalie Berg explained this said till-free shopping initiative, “Retailers are in a race to offer the most frictionless in-store experience – in retail ‘no touch’ has become the new normal.”  Ms. Berg also said, “There is a fine balance retailer have to strike between seamless and soulless. The danger with too much automation is that it can make stores feel cold and uninspiring.”