Technology has revolutionized the world of e-commerce, introducing new ways for consumers to shop and businesses to sell their products. From live shopping experiences to virtual fitting rooms, the future of e-commerce is filled with exciting possibilities.

Live Shopping: A New Way to Engage with Consumers

Live shopping, a popular format in China, is transforming the way consumers shop online. With nearly half of the country’s internet users have tried it, live shopping combines the interactive nature of television shopping with the convenience of online shopping. Successful live streams are as much entertainment as they are sales pitches, with hosts using energetic patter and personal anecdotes to hold viewers’ attention. Global brands like Ikea and Louis Vuitton have paid China’s influencers to stream their products, but anyone can participate in live shopping, including farmers, factory workers, and retirees.

Virtual Fitting Rooms and Product Visualization

One of the most significant applications of virtual and augmented reality in fashion is virtual fitting rooms. These technologies allow consumers to try on clothes virtually, without having to physically visit a store. This has not only made the shopping experience more convenient but has also reduced the number of returns due to ill-fitting clothes. Retailers can also showcase their products in a more engaging way, allowing consumers to see how they would look in different settings or with different accessories.

Sustainable Fashion and Artificial Intelligence

As technology continues to evolve, the fashion industry is likely to see even more significant changes in the years to come. From the use of artificial intelligence to the development of new materials, there are many exciting possibilities on the horizon. Sustainable fashion is one of the most significant trends in the fashion industry today, with many retailers exploring new ways to reduce waste and promote sustainability. This has led to the development of new materials and production methods that are more environmentally friendly.

Storage360: A Cloud-Based Platform for Self-Storage Leaders

Storage360 is launching an end-to-end, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) property technology (PropTech) platform for self-storage leaders. The platform is designed to improve revenue, reduce expenses, and manage overall operations. By consolidating all capabilities and data into one unified solution, Storage360 aims to help storage operators make faster, smarter, and more efficient business decisions. The platform has a flexible, modular design, so it can scale alongside self-storage operators as they grow their business model. Storage360 will be available starting early in the third quarter of 2023.