UK’s biggest telecommunications and network provider has introduced inflation-busting price rises. The telecoms giant said that most customers will see bills rise by more than 9%. As a result, people are squeezed by the high cost of living pressures.

BT’s managing director for consumer customer services Nick Lane wrote, “Price rises are never popular, but are sometimes a necessary part of the business if we’re to keep up with the rising costs we face.”

90% of customers’ data usage has been increased due to broadband usage in the last 3 years while the 79% increase in mobile phones since 2019. It is assumed that online education and demand for TV streaming are the main factors of this dramatic increase in data usage. As many people are now working from home, the demand for broadband usage also increases.

Nick Lane also said, “Unlike most things we buy, like food, electricity or fuel, you don’t pay more for using more as our data plans are unlimited, but we need to keep investing in our networks so they can handle this huge increase in demand.”

Currently, the inflation rate is 5.4% which is high in the last 30 years. This hike from broadband providers will pile more pressure on household finances. As the oil prices are also growing up, it can be said that people have to struggle harder to arrange the daily essentials.