We’re currently in an era wherein manpower has been obviously overpowered by that of technological advancement. Looking back to as far as the early 1900’s when machines were being introduced in factories, many people had already lost their jobs. However, with demands of innovations, other job opportunities had also opened. Fifty years ago, who would ever think that being a social media manager would be an actual job or that a data scientist would also be one of the most in demand occupations in the market today. If you thought that technological advancements were fast 20 years ago, imagine how it is today. Technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, the internet, robotics and many more will push the job market to the ceiling. And one tech opportunity that is foreseen to dominate and overturn the job market will be that of drones.

Most children, if you ask them, they always say that they enjoy flying remote controlled cars, planes or helicopters. Some parents may either give the look of disapproval or doubt because of the unlikeliness of the job should their children pursue that kind of career. It turns out, drones could potentially offer a wide range of employment opportunities in the future and if you’re skilled and well-versed enough to handle the machine, you could earn tons of money.

Drone Racing

If you’re very skilled at flying a drone, you can become a drone racer. Drone racing is now becoming a highly coveted sport and a lot of people are now competing for large prizes. This area of the drone market is predicted to steadily gain momentum. While it is not advisable to quit your full-time job just yet, but this is an area that you should look out for especially if you’re qualified to fly it.

Drone Flying

This might be such a general term but, in the future, more and more jobs will require drone flyers. Two particular areas may be to survey land or take aerial photography. Some reports claim that for simple tasks, companies may want to train existing employees or hire in-house but for more detailed and difficult operations, they may want to seek someone who’s well-versed in the field.

Performance Drones

One other area in this market that’s growing in demand involves creative visualization and displays of drones. A lot of opening ceremonies try to incorporate the use of drone technology. One example in particular is the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show. So if you have a creative side and are an expert in the field, you could be a great candidate for this opportunity. It brings in great cash flow too!