Employee performance review is an effective way to make sure staff know when they are and are not performing well. A performance review is generally the opinion of another person. You may think that you are doing your job well. But your employer may not think so and you have to accept it. Here are some tips to overcome your bad performance review.

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If you get negative feedback, do not panic. As a professional worker, you should avoid becoming immediately defensive. Responding with anger or insubordinate behavior will not help you in this case. Rather try to accept it professionally. Take a deep breath and try to listen to the feedback you are receiving.

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A bad performance review also provides you a chance to reevaluate yourself. Take time to review the commentary you received. You have to look at the review from your supervisor’s point of view. When you are capable to consider your limitations, it will help you to address those.

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 You can set SMART goals which may help you to develop your productivity. You can also work on developing networking and communication process. Sometimes s due to weak communication skills, we may not be able to present our skills and achievement to our employers.