As the front yard is the most visible part of our house, we all are trying to make this area beautiful and inviting. Nothing can make your front yard more attractive like colorful flowers beds. You can mix the evergreen plants with colorful flowers to make it more tempting.

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While designing this part of your property, try to add some different flavors to avoid a monotonic appearance. You can use flowers of multiple colors and plants with different shapes. To include a rustic feel, consider adding accent details.

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Adding a water feature in your front yard garden is an amazing idea indeed. It will not only make your space posh but also keep your plants watered with minimal effort.

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Furthermore, you can apply a pretty floral border with window boxes which will elevate your entryway. This is a fashionable way to make your home more attractive. You can use simple pave stones to make the edge. To enjoy the most pleasant effect, make sure that the color of the stone is similar to the color of the windows.