Pregnancy is very hard for any human being. During this time so many things can go wrong. There are some tech gadgets out there that can help you big time. Some of the suggestions are there.

Credit: verywellfamily

Parental heartbeat monitor

After 20 weeks, the heat beat of a baby can be heard easily. So many mothers can hear their baby’s heartbeat when the room gets quiet. By using this device, you can hear your baby’s heartbeat whenever you want.

Insulated water bottle

During pregnancy, it is very important that you stay hydrated. So, an insulated water bottle can be helpful during winter to have water. Also, this can be used as pain relief if particular body parts ache.

Credit: parents

C-Shaped Pillow

During pregnancy, it is hard for women to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Especially during the third trimester, it is hard for them to move from the bed. This c-shaped pillow can help you find a comfortable position to sleep in.

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Baby monitor

When the baby comes out, you have a baby monitor that will help you to look after your baby when you are not near them. This is important for their safety.