Parents are special to everyone. As they are the generation that did not have the facility to get connected to most of the technical items, they are often not well aware of it. Here are some tech items that can help them lead a comfortable life.

Electric jar opener

Even if you have never had arthritic hands or a weak grip, jars might be challenging to open. The frustration is completely eliminated by this handy device: Even the hardest lids will easily pop off with only a little placement over the jar and a button press.

Credit: vladatk

Amazon Echo

An Amazon Echo gadget is unquestionably a fantastic idea. Your parents may “ask Alexa” for just about anything, including news and weather updates, music and podcasts, jokes, and more. Alexa can also operate smart-home devices like lighting and door locks.

Credit: tomsguide

Streaming devices

With all of the many streaming applications and services available today, modern television is surprisingly confusing. Roku’s UI is by far the most user-friendly, and the Ultra makes things much easier with its user-friendly remote.

Credit: bobvila


This is an electric mopping device that will clean your house and won’t bother you for the rest of its eternity. It is fully self-sufficient, meaning it will charge itself and do its job without any command.