There are many senior citizens who want to live by themselves. As they are not in their peak time, they often have to face issues with their daily work. Here are some gadgets that can help them in this regard.


High Tech Stove Alarm

Nowadays many high-tech stove alarm systems are available that have built-in motion detectors. These can turn off the gas after 5 minutes if no motion is detected. It will send an alarm to your smartphone for your peace of mind. It also features a hidden lock that a caregiver can use to secure the stove.


Credit: greatseniorliving

Stovetop Fire Suppressor

The stovetop fire suppressor is a simple device for suppressing fires on an electric stove. It is primarily intended to extinguish grease fires and deploys automatically when it comes into contact with flames. This fire suppressor is magnetically attached to the bottom of the range hood.


Credit: gantons

Seat Belt Buckle Holders

Even something as simple as tightening the seat belt in the automobile can be difficult for an elderly person, especially if they have arthritis in their hands. A device like the Wididi Buckle Up can help with that.


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Flexible Shower Head

This inexpensive shower head can turn 360 degrees. With all the modern features it is very handy and comfortable. So the elderly can enjoy showering in their own comfort.