People who love to read books require very little to be happy. If you give them the book they love to read, they will be glad. Here is something more for them to make their day extra jolly.

Night light for book

This is quite useful as a soft light source that provides more evenly diffused light for nighttime reading. It can also function as a bookmark. Also, this will not disturb anyone who is near you around bedtime.

Credit: bookriot

Scan maker

This is a scanning and electronic highlighter that can convert into over 40 different languages. It can also read the words back to you while you’re scanning, which is extremely useful for people who have dyslexia or other difficulties. It’s also portable, thanks to its convenient case.

Credit: womenlovetech

Floor lamp

Lighting is essential for reading. What’s cool about this lamp is that it’s incredibly bendy and includes a magnifying component that’s ideal for illuminating the text in your book.

The book seats

This is ideal for people like us who want to read while lying down. Your iPad or book will be held up with pages open, whether on your side or back.

Credit: mightyape