The 3D-printed suicide pod-making company plans to launch in Switzerland. The pod will be used to assist the person who wants to end his or her life. The company is confident enough to start early the next year.

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The company claimed that the pod can be placed anywhere based on the user’s preferences. a Swiss legal expert Sarco commissioned mentioned that the suicide pod did not break any existing laws of the country. However, some lawyers questioned his statements. assisted-suicide organization Dignitas in Switzerland stated that the machine would be unlikely to meet “much acceptance”.

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Near about 1,300 people died with the help of Assisted suicide organization in Switzerland last year. It is a process when somebody applies for assistance to end their own life. A doctor assists the person by providing a series of liquids that end the person’s life in a few minutes. Both Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia are following this process.

The suicide pod is flooded with nitrogen which can reduce the oxygen levels rapidly. The person can activate the pod from the inside. Gradually the person loses consciousness and dies in 10 minutes. There is also an emergency button to exit.

A legal expert and assistant professor at the University of St Gallen Daniel Huerlimann explained his findings of the pod. He said, “(The pod ) did not constitute a medical device…This means that the pod is not covered by Swiss law.” He also thinks that the device would not be covered by the Swiss Therapeutic Products Act.

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However, a doctor, lawyer, and professor at the University of Zurich, Kerstin Noelle Vkinger said, “Medical devices are regulated because they are supposed to be safer than other products. Just because a product is not beneficial to health does not mean that it is not also affected by these additional safety requirements.”