Dealing with neighbors who have issues is not easy all the time. You need to make the right decision at the right time. Try to know different types of problematic neighbors and ways to deal with them.

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Over-friendly neighbor

We all have the kind of neighbor who doesn’t understand privacy and talks for hours if given the chance. Dealing with them is pretty hard, as they mean well. Running away from the watcher-type neighbor is not a solution. Be firm, be honest, and let them know how you feel about their acts. Moreover, don’t forget to be respectful, and polite while describing the issue. But try to ignore sugar coating too much. Let them know that they are a nice person and you feel nothing but good things for them. but their conduct is sometimes a bit much for you to handle.

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Angry neighbors

Angry people are hard to control in general. Try to be calm when you are talking to an angry neighbor. Don’t get agitated or angry during the conversation, if you do, try to hide it. Both parties getting angry would not solve the issue. Try to avoid interaction if they get angry just by having a normal conversation. Smiling is an art, smile at them if they don’t respond by smiling back.

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Noisy neighbors

Loud neighbors are terrible. But it is a bit easy to deal with them if handled correctly. First of all, try to determine what is the reason for the loud noise. If it is an aggressive, domestic abuse-related noise, call the law enforcement agencies as soon as possible. If the noise is due to negligence and just for being rowdy, calm down and simply talk to them regarding the issue.