If you want that your recipient to read the thanks you note, it is very important to create a positive impression. Adding personal details is a great way to build a strong relationship with your recipient. You can use anecdotes from the information you gathered from previous conversations.

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Always try to use nice stationery. A professional letterhead and greeting cards can create a good impression on your clients’ minds. If possible, write in your hands and add some personal touch. It shows that you how you are dedicated to your profession. You may also like to include your headshot on the front.

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The reason you’re writing should be clear in the initial part of the letter. The best practice is to write it in the heading or in the subject title of the letter. Through this line, your reader can identify the purpose of the letter.

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Using a reference to some feature of their new house might represent that you are thoughtful about their property and purchase. However, if you don’t remember any, it might be hard to include these kinds of personal details. In this case, you should maintain record notes of your clients where you can store all you know or observe about your client.