Investment is great if you want to have passive income. But small investments are not that revenue-generating. Some investments return a good amount of money.


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Coaching classes

Coaching classes are an easy way to have a great income after investing a little cash. If you have the skills to provide tutorials, then going for it is the best idea. Moreover, if you have a place to do so, you can create a center for tutorials.


Wedding planner

This is a very demanding job for a person. But it requires less money to start and pays a lot compared to the investment. If you love working with people and managing things, this is the way to go.


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Driving school

People need to learn how to drive. If you are someone who has a vehicle and can provide lessons then it can be a great side hustle. Just having a car and a registered license to provide lessons is good enough to start the business.


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Food catering business

Everyone loves good food. Being able to cook good food is hard on the other hand. If you are one of those who can cook and make people happy, open a small catering service for small events.