The first job is very important for every professional. Because it can often shape your career path and future. Most of the time we don’t get paid what we think we are worth. But salary shouldn’t be the only factor while you are doing your first job. If your main focus is on the salary, you might miss out on some other opportunities that your first job can offer.

You might get other benefits aside from your base salary. Sometimes company offers attractive bonuses and compensation packages like medical coverage which is one of the remarkable employee benefits.

Future financial opportunities also should be a big consideration when you are selecting your first job. During the negotiation process ask a question about the company’s merit increase process and potential bonus opportunities.

As it is your first job, you may need some training to develop your skills. Through attending various certification training or attending a specific conference, you can increase your skill level. So, while choosing your first job try to investigate whether they are providing such training or not.

Thus, salary might be not the only factor during your first job. Rather your first job can open a vast opportunity for you. You may meet some great professionals who can motivate you in the future.