Samsung on Friday mentioned that recently they have found a security issue on their system. This concerned the cyber security brand and resulted in the privacy breach of the clients of the company. The privacy breach includes the exposure of personal information, pictures, and other things related to phone use.

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What do they have to say about the action?

According to the South Korean farm, they are still investigating the issue. In initial research, they have come upon this finding. And the company is now taking the help of law enforcement authorities to have a clearer view of the topic.

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What else was exposed?

According to the main Samsung company, they are speculating that there was some important data that has been exposed to the hacker that is behind all of these. The attackers have accessed some personal information of the clients, like, their demographic, credit card details, number, regions, and more.

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Samsung authorities have apologized to their customer base for the inconvenience. Although this security breach is not something that should be taken lightly, they have mentioned that they are doing their best to solve the problem and keep everything secure. Also, this incident will have a huge impact on the security policy of Samsung in the upcoming years.