Having a neighbor comes with shared expenses. Often, they are hard to decide who should be taking the larger part or the whole.  This can be easily solved by following some common deals.

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Check the local Law

If you are living in a community, neighborhood, shared property, communal area, municipality, or in a big city, there is a great possibility of existing law that talks about the distribution of workload and expenses. If things get out of hand or the expense gets larger, try to look at the policies and make plans accordingly. Depending on the local ordinance, the guidance of shared fences and other outdoor-related expenses and duties would be mentioned differently, but you can find a common point.

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Discuss the concern with the neighbor

At the moment when issues arise, or you don’t know what would be the best for both parties, there is no better way to solve the issues by directly talking to the neighbor in question. Just by communicating, you would get to know their concern which will provide insight into the problem. It’s easy to find a solution when both parties are willing to work together.

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Negotiate the deal

Don’t take all the responsibility and expect you if you are not completely liable for the work. present your deal in a way that makes sense to the other person. You have to make him realize that the project you need to conduct needs the help of the other person too.