Posting for the vacancy of rental property is not always easy. Often it costs more than it should. But a few easy places and cost-efficient strategies can be useful for posting rental property offers.

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Word of mouth

This is probably the oldest trick in the book for selling or renting properties. It’s easy, cheap, and convenient if done correctly. For example, let the other resident know about the vacancy that is going to take place. They might know some people that are interested in a house. Moreover, let your friends and family know about the vacancy. They can help you find the perfect tenant. You always can sweeten the offer by offering a small gift card or small rent relief option as a sort of kind gesture towards your tenants.

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Facebook marketplace

Facebook has the new option for an online marketplace, where buyers and sellers can find each other depending on their needs. It is very easy to make an advertisement for a minimum amount. As it is a social media-based marketplace, you can check the renter initially before proceeding with further discussion.

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Use for rest signs

It might seem old fashion to stick a notice saying your property needs a new tenant. But it works pretty well. Many people pass the property daily. It’s not surprising that people are interested in the property. In addition, they can just check the property just by looking at the advertisement on the notice board. It is very cost-efficient and convenient.