Interior design trends change very fast. A trendy feature one day turns outdated the next day. Some of the common designs in the living room have also come to this point now.


Credit: estliving

Wall-to-wall carpeting

Carpeting is one of the most important features of a house. But, not necessarily just any carpets that match the house. It was a big trend among American households to have wall-to-wall carpeting in their living room. But now it is not a trend anymore. Due to the hard and complicated process of cleaning and the expense related to it, people have lost interest in it. Homeowners are not into having upscale designer rugs for the living room.


Credit: stylebyemilyhenderson

Wall filled with Art Pieces

It was a common scenario that every house had Art pieces filled in their living room wall. It was supposed to enhance the outlook of the room and show the taste of the homeowner. But now it is not a preferable house trend anymore. Having random art in the living room is not a thing that people are preferring anymore. It provides more of a museum vibe.


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Brown leather sofa

No home was complete without a sofa that is made out of leather. It was the most popular thing people appreciated in their living room. But now, it is not popular n anymore due to its backdated look. Also, leather sofas are hard to take care of. They are prone to wrinkles.