Several years ago, Second Sight has stopped making its Argus II bionic eyes. But hundreds of people had had already received retinal implants to improve their sight. These people are now about to fall into an uncertain future. Because the technology of bionic eyes they relied on in the past now becomes outdated. Recently the Second Sight’s website has shared some stories about the patients who have had the implant.

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Second Sight is now investing in brain implants instead of making bionic eyes. This biopharmaceutical firm is not further interested to proceed with their previous project of bionic eyes. Second Sight is planning to merge with Nano Precision Medical for solving the issue. The chief executive of Nano Precision Medical Adam Mendelsohn said, “I do intend to make this one of our priorities if and when I assume my leadership position in the combined company.”

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The Second Sight’s website stated, “Our mission is to develop neuro-stimulation technology to enhance the lives of blind individuals while supporting our current users.” The website also included, “As technology improves, so will your Argus II implant – without the need for additional surgery. Enjoy programming flexibility and the capacity for future hardware and software upgrades.”

But patients claimed that Second Sight failed to contact any of its patients after its financial difficulties in 2020. The professor of technology ethics at the University of Notre Dame Elizabeth M Renieris said about the issue, “This is a prime example of our increasing vulnerability in the face of high-tech, smart and connected devices which are proliferating in the healthcare and biomedical sectors.”

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She also said, “These are not like off-the-shelf products or services that we can actually own or control. Instead, we are dependent on software upgrades, proprietary methods and parts, and the commercial drivers and success or failure of for-profit ventures.”