Nvidia, Jaguar, Land Rover have developed a partnership to build a self-driving car of tomorrow. They are committed to developing a fascinating automated driving that will open a vast window for the future of autonomous automobiles.

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Jaguar and Land Rover would adopt Nvidia’s full stack of technology will enhance people’s driving experience. They announced that the new tech will be used to make driving safer.

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This partnership is one of the tightest partnerships between the automotive and technology industries. Nvidia’s full stack of autonomous car technology will be used to enhance the driving experience. But the most important part is it will not replace the driver and not take away the driving privileges of a driver.

Those who are not comfortable or trust a computer to motor them around will like the technology. Because the main purpose of this partnership is to develop a vehicle that people can drive not a vehicle that drives people.

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Jaguar and Land Rover both are familiar to produce luxury products. So, it can be assumed that the new model will come with lots of features that will maintain the high-end automotive-level quality. It is expected that the brand-new model will deliver the most advanced blend of driver excitement and safety.